Scandi-vie Création, unlined iron skillet


scandi-vie création,
our history

For more than 10 years, Scandi-Vie company has built his reputation by specializing in the sales of organic cookware products such as iron cast, steel and clay kitchenware.
Due to the strong increase of chemical and toxic products present in our environment and in industrial food, we decided to develop a range of natural and high-quality cookware. The quality of food we buy is indeed important, but the cookware we use is even more.
It's mainly for that reason that we choose this range of steel frying pans without coating.
These products are identical to those used in the past by our grandmothers.
It is important that kitchen ustensils :
_are produced as naturally as possible
_are safe and secure during their use
_are 100% recyclable Thus, they can be considered as ecological products.
Our main purpose is to offer you sustainable and natural products for a healthy and ecological cooking.

The Iron Since 1940, our products have been made in a leader factory, specialized in iron pan production.
Without added chemicals, iron is a 100% natural material, lasting and 100% recyclable.