seasoning, use and maintenance of iron stoves

How to use your steel pan

season the pan
before first use : boil some water in it. Clean with some warm water. Dry the pan (never let it dry outdoors). Put some oil (around ½ centimeter) and warm slowly up to 4/5 minutes. Rub the oil and dry the pan. It is now ready to be used.

instructions for daily uses
Grease your pan, preheat it. Your pan is ready for cooking. You can use cooking utensils in stainless steel or/and in wood. It is not recommended to use plastic utensils. Iron is perfectly suitable for searing, broiling, browning your food. Don't leave the food in your iron pan.

Hand-wash only and dry immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents. After each use, hand-wash in hot water without detergent and dry thoroughly. Oil regularly to maintain seasoning. During the use of the pan, certain parts of the utensil will be warm. Protect yourselves and never leave the frying pan on the fire without the presence of an adult. Keep out of reach of kids.